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Working to the highest standards in your garden across Surrey and Hampshire. We encourage our gardeners to gain their horticultural qualifications – please see our page on different levels of gardeners on the team.

Our Gardeners in Surrey

Lucy Palmer

I was blessed to grow up playing and gardening in a beautiful Irish walled garden. My mother passed on her love of all things horticultural. Experiencing the joy that my own garden has brought me these past 19 years, I hope to share my passion and further my training. I’ve propagated plants for several charitable sales, I’m a volunteer gardener at a local school and feel so convinced of the therapeutic values of gardening that it should be part of the national curriculum! Our outdoor spaces now need more than ever to nourish and delight, whilst being an invaluable place for all living creatures to flourish. Lucy is the newest member of our Surrey Gardeners’ team.

Lucy covers: Godalming, Guildford, Cranleigh and surrounding villages.

Brenda Cross

I’ve always loved working in my garden – the great outdoors! Working hard to achieve a space which I can then relax in and feel proud of the hard work I’ve put in to enjoy it. I’m a self-taught gardener and my earliest memories of gardening are ‘taking care’ of my parents’ round and rectangular privet hedges. I love the look of carefully trimmed hedges, a weed-free colourful flower bed and neat lawn edges.

I’ve recently enjoyed constructing a woodland path. I find structure pleasing in the garden, by way of shape, height and form. Every garden is different and has the potential to make it a magical space!

Brenda covers: Bramley, Godalming and Guildford.

Sue Callinan

When I was a very small child I would follow my Dad around the garden and, I think to get a bit of peace and quiet, he would find me something to do. As time went on I was given my own small circular patch of garden for which he bought lobelia, alyssum, pansies and petunias for me to plant and look after. I think he used to water and weed them more than I did though. I’ve tended my own garden all my adult life, in both the UK and Spain where I lived for 13 years. I moved back to the UK in 2012 and now have a small garden mainly filled with shrubs and containers. I have also worked as a temporary seasonal assistant at a local nursery sowing and potting on veggies, preparing spring and summer bedding and planting containers and hanging baskets for retail.

Sue covers: Chessington, Esher, Walton-on-Thames, Hersham and Epsom.

Richard Sales

I am a keen gardener who loves to learn more about plants and general garden maintenance. I grew up in Crawley and now live in Horsham, West Sussex. My gardening skills began with helping my parents and grandparents in their gardens and I have had my own garden since the early 1990s. I can easily lose myself in the garden, working hard with the care needed to maintain a flourishing garden. Last year, I moved to a brand new house in Horsham, where the garden was just bare ground. I have now transformed this with numerous roses, hydrangeas, fuschias, azaleas, acers and rhododendrons, to name but a few. I have also added beautiful pots full of colour to our garden and you can see some of them in my photo. I hope, going forward, to help local clients to be able to achieve their gardening dreams.

Richard covers: Horsham, Cranleigh, Broadbridge Heath, Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath.

Georgia Lingwood

I am never happier than when I am in nature, particularly the little wild flower meadow at the bottom of my garden. A childhood growing up amidst the wilderness of my Mother’s cottage style garden, learning about the nurturing skills needed to help things grow in my Grandfather’s veggie patches and the technical, plant knowledge needed within my Grandmother’s more formal, exotic garden by the sea, a wonderful variety of environments, have all contributed to a love of gardening. Over the past few years I have gathered a collection of insightful gardening books, many left to me by my Grandfather which I treasure. Alongside the knowledge I have gained from literature, my practical experience lies within the gardens of my family and friends, as well as my own. As well as growing a variety of fresh produce I have created a precious little garden for my family that I hope my son will learn a great deal from. To me, gardens are sacred spaces and gardening is a wonderfully therapeutic practise. To be in nature, helping plants to thrive, is where I love to be.

Georgia covers: Shamley Green, Godalming and Milford.

Jenny Goodhand

“I’m an enthusiastic gardener and love spending time outdoors. I have developed my ‘unusable’ allotment and ‘never before touched’ garden into thriving paradises with fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers. I have spent many years volunteering with The National Trust and with Surrey Wildlife Trust in hands-on countryside management and am keen to further my passion in this field. My parents are excellent gardeners who are almost self sufficient, which has given me a good insight into dealing with plants from a young age.”

Jenny covers: Godalming and Thursley.

Anu Baldwin

“My love of plants and flowers developed from an early age growing up with the smell of frangipani and jasmine, surrounded by a riot of colourful bougainvillea and hibiscus. When we moved to the UK my great aunts and parents influenced me greatly, educating me about the garden and nature. We were expected to tend our veg plots and enjoy the fruits of our labour. Since I’ve had my own family I have tried to instil a love for growing plants in them. Gardeners’ question time and Gardeners’ World are part of my life, I’m an RHS member, I love colour and nothing excites me more than being out in the fresh air.”

Anu covers: Guildford.

Caroline Sturge

“I have loved plants, flowers and gardens since I was a child, but ‘real’ gardening began for me when we moved to our current house, 25 years ago. Recently I made the decision to give up the legal profession so as to spend my time in the outdoors. My garden is a bit of a challenge, mainly due to surrounding trees casting shade and taking moisture out of the soil. Over the years I have become an expert in finding the right plants for difficult places and now enjoy putting that knowledge to use in other people’s gardens. An aspiring ‘good-lifer’, I keep hens in the garden and a small flock of sheep locally. My allotment, which I have run for over 15 years, produces vegetables, soft fruit and (increasingly) flowers for cutting so for part of the year we are almost self-sufficient. Planting, pruning, weeding and propagation are my favourite gardening tasks and a good mulch of compost provides the finishing touch.”

Caroline covers: ?

Kate Hanham

“I have always loved nature and spending time outdoors. I have an interest in wild flowers and love going for walks in the countryside. I like visiting gardens to learn more about plants and get ideas.

I took on an allotment 4 years ago and enjoy spending time there growing vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers. My interest in gardening has grown from there and I enjoy working part time in garden maintenance. I enjoy helping to improve people’s gardens to make the best of the space. I enjoy all aspects of gardening, particularly planting new plants, pruning shrubs and weeding. I am looking forward to doing more gardening with Grayshaw and Yeo and learning more about horticulture.”

Kate covers: Godalming.

Rebecca Chamberlain

“Although I have come to gardening professionally later in life, I have been a dedicated home & allotment gardener for over 17 years. I am passionate about vegetables and have slowly been digging up more and more lawn to accommodate them in my own garden. The biggest challenge for me at home is keeping my 4 dogs from affectionately crushing all the plants, as well as protecting all fruit and veg from one particular dog who has a penchant for eating everything! As a result, I have enclosed flower and vegetable areas with chicken wire, which keeps some areas safe, and they can enjoy trampling through the shrubs and bulbs.

I have greatly enjoyed designing gardens for friends, working with different plants, soils and aspects. Working for others is particularly fun because of the diversity of plants and gardens I get to experience. It is always a pleasure to be outside in the fresh air, creating new plant life, maintaining wildlife habitats and making beautiful outdoor spaces for people (and dogs!) to enjoy all year round.”

Rebecca covers: Camberley.

Liz Riley

I was very lucky to grow up in Holland where my parents had a big garden. My mother was always gardening and she encouraged me to be out there too. Her love for everything natural and green has been passed on to me and I love it every day. I like developing existing gardens and I am always trying new things out in my own garden.

A few years ago I took on an overgrown allotment and I loved building the raised beds and cultivating the plot into a proper allotment. I loved it so much, that I took on a smaller plot and developed that into a fruit garden. I still have both plots now. I like to try to pass on my knowledge and passion for plants and flowers to people in their own gardens and making their gardens a beautiful place to be proud of.

Liz covers: Dorking.

Rod Powell

I have always gardened and over the past few years have manoeuvred myself towards a career change that allows me to garden full time. To this end, I have:

• Successfully completed the Royal Horticultural Society’s Level 2 practical and principles courses. (I spent a year at Merrist Wood college).

• Done two seasonal stints at the RHS Wisley Plant Centre where I helped numerous customers with plant choices.

• Completed a ‘Designing With Plants’ course and produced a number of planting schemes, mainly for friends.

I enjoy resolving plant problems, looking at plant options and can offer general advice.

Rod covers: Farnham.

Irene Sutlieff

I became interested in gardening about 10 years ago. My late husband had “green fingers” and the joy he got from growing his own vegetables soon became mine. The pleasure you get from growing your own seeds, tending and watching the seedlings grow then enjoying the fruits of your labour is truly fantastic.

Gardening is a joy that I have found later in life but I am so grateful that I have. I believe that your garden is a space for you to get so much enjoyment from. Planting and working outside, the world seems to stop and any stresses from the day disappear.

Irene covers: Normandy.

Peter Curtis

Being outside in the garden, whatever the weather, is where I prefer to be. I have looked after my gardens, and those of several other family and friends much of my life. I have grown to find a thrill in tending and nurturing them to be beautiful as well as functional places, to be sources of relaxation, inspiration and a place for well being.

Whether a job requires a full rejuvenation of a plot or regular maintenance, I will work with the homeowner to create a garden that suits their needs and desires, including the sourcing of plants, tending the lawns, borders and hedges.

My aim is always to ensure that the garden is created and maintained for all to love and enjoy, whatever the season.

Peter covers: Cobham.

Mark Nightingale

I have been interested in gardening from a young age. My earliest memory is being given my own little patch in my dad’s garden, which I turned into an alpine rockery.

From these early days I have developed into an enthusiastic amateur gardener spending as much time in my garden as I can – transforming my cottage garden into an outdoor space that I’m incredibly proud of. Without doubt my garden is the most important ‘room’ in the house and deserves all the attention it gets.

I look forward to working with customers to help transform their gardens into an outside space that they can enjoy and be proud of.

Mark covers: Dorking.

Barbara McAleer

I have a great interest in the natural environment. This love comes from my parents, my mother loved wild flowers and my father enjoyed growing vegetables. Other family members and friends have also enhanced my knowledge of plants. I studied a correspondence course in gardening and have gained additional knowledge from both the local horticultural society and the Royal horticultural society.

The softening of our buildings with gardens I believe is important to our wellbeing. Plants can bring so much colour into our lives. My garden is a small garden with fruit trees and bushes. My front garden is all in containers and has a naturalistic theme. I am trying to build up my collection of herb plants.

Helping friends with their gardens has given me understanding of how to fit in with our people’s gardening tastes.

Barbara covers: ?

Tina Morris

“I worked as a florist at Marley Flowers for 9 years, while training in floristry I also studied basic horticulture. I then went on to work for Country Market selling green house plants. Generally I have grown up gardening; my father is the head gardener at a local large country house, but still has a fantastic garden at home. I have also in the past 3 years helped a lady revamp her entire garden as the garden had taken over. I enjoy gardening and feel confident that my knowledge grows every season.”

Tina covers: ?

Karen Clay

“Gardening has been a passion of Karen’s for years. Karen enjoys maintaining gardens and the satisfaction of looking back over what she has done.”

Karen covers: ?

Julia Taylor

“I am a keen gardener and adore gardening and spending time outdoors. My favourite jobs are weeding, tidying and planting. I have a real passion for plants and am lucky enough to have a mother in law who is an experienced gardener and I have learnt a lot from her.”

Julia has been with us for five years and is a much loved member of the team as well as an extremely knowledgeable gardener. Over the last couple of years Julia has taken on the responsibility of mentoring our newest members of the team. This not only ensures that our standards remain high but also that new team members start in their own client gardens with confidence. She continues to be a regular gardener for 6 happy clients too!

Julia covers: ?

Ian Rogers

“I think my love of gardening started with attempting to grow Rhubarb, after a couple of failed attempts the crowns developed and produced some great stems after that I moved onto what else I could grow and eat, I started working as a gardener for Bloomfords working on some beautiful gardens in and around the meon valley and wished I had started working as a gardener earlier in my career. I am also a member of an organic community farm growing and producing fruit and veg shared among its members. I believe the inspiration for me is being able to see the results of your labour either immediately or during the growing season.”

Ian covers: ?

Anita Law

“Memories of helping my parents in their garden; picking gooseberries and blackcurrants,helping planting annuals and caring for petunias,hibiscus and roses was where my love of gardening began. I have developed my own gardens in London,Cranleigh ,Guildford and Godalming ad have enjoyed planting and caring for vines and wisteria and changing planting schemes to suit different soils and aspects.

My medical background and interest in latin and botany have helped me further my interest in plants over many years .I am studying at Merrist Wood currently doing the level 2 RHS qualification in horticulture. There is nothing more creative and grounding than gardening .A pleasure which I hope to share by helping others with their own gardens.”

Anita covers: ?

Jackie Tetley

“I grew up with two gardening-obsessed parents on a 1.5 acre sandy, sloping plot which they developed over 40+ years. I’d roam around searching for wildflowers, making dens in the giant rhododendron and slipping into the greenhouse for a cheeky tomato!

After spending more than 20 years working indoors on computers, I gave up resisting my genetics and started studying RHS Level 2, while undertaking garden and nursery work, plus a work experience placement at RHS Wisley.

I’ve always loved experimenting in my own garden, and currently have a cottage garden feel punctuated with unmown wild sections, a mini wildlife pond and fruit and veg areas.”

Jackie covers: ?

Linda Alcock

“I enjoy creating beautiful outdoor spaces to be enjoyed and to relax in. Gardens can do so much to lift our spirits and improve our well-being. The hard work and sometimes long periods of waiting are always worth it!

I am a self-taught gardener and have revitalised and now care for my own family garden. In the past I have kept an allotment and also helped to maintain my parents garden as they got older. I have run a school gardening club and worked with a charity to bring other people’s gardens back to use.

Every garden is unique and I aim to make yours special for you.”

‘When the world wearies and society ceases to satisfy, there is always the garden.’ Minnie Aumonier

Linda covers: ?

Our Gardeners in Hampshire