Our Gardeners Qualifications

Encouraging and Rewarding

With the aim of encouraging and rewarding skill development and attainment of qualifications, we are also keen to improve gardener retention – particularly after our gardeners have gained their RHS Level 2 certificates.

In January 2020 we introduced 3 levels of gardener. These relate to practical experience and qualifications gained. Each level will command a different rate of pay and will be charged accordingly.

The levels are Bronze, Silver and Gold with a different charge depending on the level of gardener required.

Bronze Gardeners

Silver Gardeners

Gold Gardeners

Have had at least a year’s practical experience of gardening and will have passed our knowledge and practical trials as well as having the relevant references. They will be required to attend our in house training as well as being encouraged to study further; initially through an online course and then, once completed, to do their RHS Level 2. Your Bronze Gardener will be able to maintain your garden to a good standard whilst their skill set develops and can confidently; weed, prune, mulch, plant bulbs / herbaceous perennials / shrubs, mow your lawn, and perform all standard monthly tasks within your garden. They may refer back to us for advice on planning ahead, planting and employing external companies to perform landscaping, tree surgery work etc.

Will have all of the Bronze Gardener credentials, as well as at least 2 years practical gardening experience with Grayshaw and Yeo and they will have passed all of their RHS Level 2 exams (principles and practical). As a Silver Gardener they will be confident with maintaining your garden, as well as developing the garden in terms of planting, maintenance, improvement of existing plants and also planning ahead for the following year. They will be skilled in all aspects of maintenance, pruning, weed management and developing planting plans.

Will have all of the Silver Gardener credentials, as well as the over 3 years practical experience and will have developed a special area of interest that has meant they have undertaken further study – such as a garden design course or a landscaping course, sustainable planting etc. As a Gold Standard Gardener they will be able to help with all aspects of your garden requirements including; recommendations and management of third parties for irrigation, landscaping and so on.

£18 + VAT

£21 + VAT

£25 + VAT

The majority of our current team are currently at the Bronze level and working towards Silver level. Many are currently studying for one of the elements of their RHS Level 2 and would expect to complete both elements of the certificate within the next 2 years. Some of our team have already completed both the Principles and Practical elements of the RHS Level 2 and would like to work towards a client portfolio that demands use of their skill set. It is these members of the team that we would like to keep with us. Of course, you will always have the choice in whether, once your existing gardener goes up to a new level, you stay with them or we introduce a new gardener at the existing level of pay.

We hope this makes sense and we hope that our gardening team will feel motivated and subsequently rewarded for all their hard work and endeavours and that as their client’s you will equally reap the benefits of their progression within the industry. We have found over the past few years that many of our excellent gardeners leave us once they have qualified at RHS Level 2 standard as they can command a higher rate working privately.