I am never happier than when I am in nature, particularly the little wild flower meadow at the bottom of my garden. A childhood growing up amidst the wilderness of my Mother’s cottage style garden, learning about the nurturing skills needed to help things grow in my Grandfather’s veggie patches and the technical, plant knowledge needed within my Grandmother’s more formal, exotic garden by the sea, a wonderful variety of environments, have all contributed to a love of gardening. Over the past few years I have gathered a collection of insightful gardening books, many left to me by my Grandfather which I treasure. Alongside the knowledge I have gained from literature, my practical experience lies within the gardens of my family and friends, as well as my own. As well as growing a variety of fresh produce I have created a precious little garden for my family that I hope my son will learn a great deal from. To me, gardens are sacred spaces and gardening is a wonderfully therapeutic practise. To be in nature, helping plants to thrive, is where I love to be.