Give the birds a helping hand in the cooler weather and keep feeders full up and water stations free of ice

Now that the festive season is slowly becoming a distant memory, it’s time to remember the forgotten areas of the garden that may need attending to, and one of those is keeping bird feeders and water bowls full and free of ice, so that our feathered garden residents have a good chance of getting through the coldest months.

Be sure to invest a couple of hours in the greenhouse or potting shed to get all your tools ready for Spring, and old pots and labels organised. It really will be worth the while in the busy growing season.

Hellebores are one of the bright and beautiful joys of a winter garden

Hellebores or ‘Lenten Roses’ are one of the most beautiful of Winter treasures and it’s a great idea to let their bright faces shine, by removing any dead or browning leaves as they appear. Take time to study their intricate blooms- they really are spectacular.

You can also remove any faded flowers from Winter Pansies if you don’t want them going to seed, to prolong their blooming power, and now is a good time to plant bare root roses for stunning flowers in the Summer. We love David Austin roses, a huge range is available on the late horticulturalist’ s website with all the information you need alongside, to grow them with success.

Let’s not forget the home- which may be looking a little bare after the tree and decorations have come down… why not add a showstopper of a flower, Amaryllis, by planting a bulb now on an empty windowsill? Watch it become filled with the most wonderful giant flowers in the weeks to come- you won’t be disappointed

In the vegetable garden, now is a great time to plant bare root raspberry canes in the sunniest spot you have, to ensure sweet berries. Also you can start warming the soil for early peas, such as Oregon Snow Pod with a cloche. You can also prune black current, red current and gooseberries to ensure they remain productive in the year to come…