Even for the most experienced gardener, getting to grips with the range of pests & diseases that plants can succumb to can be daunting – and that’s before you’ve even decided how to tackle them! Are insects eating your prize specimens or is it their larvae? Am I dealing with mould, fungus or bacteria? Is it a physical problem like wind, frost or drainage? The list goes on.

Thankfully the lucky team at Grayshaw & Yeo Gardening had the lovely and incredibly knowledgeable Lucy Smith to share her knowledge, tips and expertise with them. A graduate of Kew, Lucy has championed school gardening and is keen to share her knowledge with others.

As gardeners know, while their are 12 months and 4 seasons in the year, in gardening terms we often talk about ‘early spring’, ‘mid-summer’ and ‘late autumn’. Using these seasonal time-frames as a structure, Lucy guided the team through 8 parts of the gardening year, pointing out which pests & diseases to look for in each, and also which good garden-practices to undertake to prevent them.

So, while it’s unlikely that any gardener will ever completely win-out against the ever present slugs and snails, Lucy’s valuable knowledge and experience showed that it’s certainly possible to tip the balance in our favour by creating healthy gardens and strong plants.

Here’s to happy & healthy garden and gardeners in 2018.

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