Careers In Horticulture

Grayshaw & Yeo

Our company ethos is to help passionate gardeners become professional gardeners by providing support, advice and direction as well as building your confidence.

As a member of the Grayshaw & Yeo team you’ll be able to gain valuable practical and paid work-experience, as well as advice on how to apply for grants to support your further education. There are also financial rewards once you have shown proof of starting a course to gain your RHS 2 qualifications, as we appreciate the commitment this takes and want to help you succeed.  This is why we have a dedicated group for gardeners that are starting this journey, so that you can support one another and we can help you with exam preparation.

Below are some links to associations that we work with to help provide a broad support network for your progression within the horticultural industry.

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Royal Horticultural Society

RHS New Shoots

Starting in 2023, the RHS New Shoots initiative sets out to support more people into a career in horticulture. Whether you are still in formal education or a career changer, New Shoots is here to promote horticultural careers and to signpost opportunities to gain work experience and formal qualifications within the RHS Gardens.
At RHS Wisley, we currently offer work experience for school students, placements within the Curatorial team to gain practical experience working in a public garden, apprenticeships and Level 3 and 4 diploma programmes. Our Master of Horticulture is taught remotely.
As part of the new Wisley Training Hub development, which will see the construction of a sustainable horticultural training garden over 2023, there will be further opportunities to volunteer.
Details about the programmes and opportunities can be found at
We are committed to increasing the diversity of learners within the RHS, so if you have any concerns about access to our engagement and training programmes please get in touch with the New Shoots team at


Qualifications Team

“The Qualifications team at the RHS will happily help anyone seeking advice about RHS courses/qualifications and the best starting point for them. Anyone seeking advice can email We aim to respond within 3 working days but usually responses are the same or following day.

If you are located close to RHS Wisley then there are a number of short courses (informal) which are run in the garden all year. If the shorter courses would be of interest then the Learning Team will be able to help and advise on the most appropriate course (”

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Grow Careers

“A career within horticulture can often be a daunting prospect. With such a wealth of opportunities available to you the question is where do you start? Grow Careers have been asking some professionals currently working within the industry a bit about how they got to where they are and why they love it so much, and with any luck this will guide and inspire you to join them.”

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The British Association of Landscape Industries

“The British Association of Landscape Industries and its members recognise the importance of introducing new talent into the landscaping industry. In order to sustain, build-on and develop such a remarkable and rewarding sector BALI is delighted to launch GoLandscape, a brand new education, skills and careers initiative, designed to inform and inspire new recruits and combat industry issues, including a severe skills shortage.”

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Professional Gardeners’ Trust

“The Professional Gardeners’ Trust provides working gardeners of all ages with funding to undertake part time-training courses to enhance their careers in horticulture. Many of our applicants are career changers. The Trust has provided over 400 grants since it was established in 2004.

The Trust will fund RHS courses at all levels from level 2, management skills training, and short term courses leading to practical qualifications such as PA 1/6 and chainsaw certificates. Specialist skills which are essential to furthering an applicant’s career for which courses are relevant can also be considered for funding. The Trust is also willing to provide funding for short term work placements to broaden an applicant’s skill base. Work experience opportunities for those seeking a first step in their horticultural careers may also be considered”.

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Professional Gardeners’ Guild

“For those seeking a career as a professional gardener/ horticulturist with the opportunity to gain practical skills in the workplace at three world class historic or botanic gardens, this could be the opportunity for you.

The scheme offers full time work experience, paying at least minimum wage with rented accommodation provided and bursary funding available to cover the costs of relocation and interviews at participating gardens and also the essential practical qualifications needed.”

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The Gardeners Guild

“The Gardeners Guild is a national trade network for professionally qualified gardeners. Our members are self-employed gardeners who offer garden and grounds maintenance as part of their services.

Gardeners must prove that they have at least one horticultural qualification at Level 2 or above before being accepted as a member. Qualified gardeners have been trained and assessed in their chosen field of horticulture.”

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The Historic and Botanic Garden Trainee Programmes (HBGTP)

The HBGTP scheme is an unrivalled opportunity for passionate and committed horticulturists. You can earn a salary while developing your professional skills in some of the best historic and botanic gardens that the UK has to offer.”

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Merrist Wood College

“Horticulture can be a very rewarding career and the horticulture industry lies at the very heart of the nation’s passion for plants and gardens, both domestic and commercial.

A skilled plants person needs in-depth understanding and experience of a wide range of plants. We have developed a considerable reputation for horticulture amongst industry specialists and you’ll be working under experienced and qualified tutors who bring a unique insight into the industry.”

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“Thrive is the leading charity in the UK using gardening to change the lives of disabled people. We help people who want to garden at home, on an allotment, in a community setting or who may want to access our own structured horticultural therapy programmes at Beech Hill (Reading), Battersea (London), and Kings Heath (Birmingham).

Gardening can help individuals accomplish many things. It can help rebuild a person’s strength after an accident or illness, and can provide a purposeful activity for someone coping with a difficult period in their life. It can lift moods and help people to connect with others, reduce isolation by promoting friendships and improve communication skills.”

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